soo, i know we use the word ‘love’ so flippantly in our culture to apply to anything.

i love you.

i love cold stone ice cream.  

see the discrepancy?

nontheless, i post this from my real (handwritten) journal from july 15th-ish. i wrote it while looking at the mountains from a screened in porch in cashiers,nc on a cool morning as the fog rolled out.  these are just my honest thoughts from the moment…don’t judge me 🙂




-i love family, friends

-i love making people feel welcome in a place where they did not feel comfortable before

-i love feeling wanted

-i love photography

-i love creating/capturing something beautiful

-i love mountains, beaches, nature in raw form

-i love boys who go hiking and can teach me something new

-i love theology and right thinking about God and His word

-i love being set free and praying in Jesus’ name

-i love coffee

-i love running

-i love singing a smooth song and melodies that are beautiful

-i love instant connections with new people and old friendships that will never die

-i love _______ (a list of names of whom the world may never know)

-i love creativity

-i love becoming a new and different person everyday-becoming who God created me to be.

-i love health food

-i love chacos and nb inserts

-i love the challenge of the marathon

-i love sweet generous people

-i love maria at work

-i love being an expression of Jesus Christ

-i love the fog rolling in over the mountains

-i love major bargain sales

-i love facing fears and not being scared anymore

-i love a guy who listens

-i love anyone who listens

-i love peter and the hyatts

-i love sunrises and sunsets

-i love foxy and linda’s generosity

-i love mom’s sweetness

-i love good, meaningful conversations

-i love learning something new

-i love being led on an adventure

-i love ice cream

-i love being thought of

-i love dancing 

-i love so-cal photographer’s blogs

-i love Jesus and him for saving my life

-i love the hope of the good news

-i love fresh flowers

-i love coffee shops

-i love my mac

-i love great teachers

-i love waking up early

-i love getting enough sleep

-i love my family

-i love inspirational quotes

-i love singing and singing when it sounds good.


this is most, but not all of my “loves”.  what do you love?





new blog…sort of

January 28, 2009

hi friends!

so, just in case anyone ever frequents this blog anymore…i’ve got a new place where i’ll be posting some pics that i’ve taken.

i’ve started a new job with cvi photography and will be blogging recent work here along with my boss.

i’m not very good at just writing blogs…but i think i might give it a go in the future…until then, check out our blog at work!

woohoo! happy wednesday!


September 7, 2008

i used to work with michelle this summer and she was kind enough to let me snap a few shots of her.  she didn’t have to do much, seeing that she is absolutely beautiful!  here are some of the many.  let me know what you think!


August 24, 2008

mom, samuel, ashely and sweet baby luke came the charleston the second week in august. i’m so glad they got to come and see where karis and i live and work. i know it was a sacrifice and struggle to come with a six month old, even if he is amazing, it can be just extra work…but i’m so glad they came.

here are seventeen a few pics of the visit where i got to try out my new lens for the first time! i really enjoyed it! hope you do too!

also, if you’re interested here and here are the full albums of luke and fam. 🙂

so i got a new lens and am super excited. it has amazing bokeh and so far, i love it!

and i’ve also been painting some, more on that later:

also, our sweet friend brittany colson was able to come and spend the night here in charleston after leaving ridgecrest and we got to spend some quality time with her. here’s a little documentation:

beautiful brittany 🙂


i loved all the sweet babies playing in the fountains!

oh, to be young again! 😉

fun stuff

July 31, 2008

i saw this fun thing on another blog and you can get one here if you’d like! it was made from the data in my blog!


July 31, 2008

last weekend we went up to my friend mandy’s house in georgetown, sc. her mom and dad were so gracious to open their doors, take us out on their boat/jet skis and definitely kept us well fed! not only did we meet her parents, but big boy, t-mart and mim-ee made it there too! …i think i got all those names right 😉

here’s a few pics from the amazing g-town